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BluGuard-VCI Products

VCI Anti Corrosion Barrier Laminations


The BluGuard-VCI family of products provides an answer to multi-metal corrosion prevention in demanding packaging applications. All BluGuard-VCI products are laminations that combine VCI impregnated sealant layers with various additional strength and barrier layers providing the best preservation packaging option for corrosion sensitive products.

The BluGuard-VCI Family of products include the following:

  • BluGuard-VCI-Clear: manufactured with a clear strength and barrier layer to provide a structure that is a total of 5.5 mils thick. This structure is optimal for applications where a transparent film is preferable or required.
  • BluGuard-VCI: manufactured with a foil barrier layer in addition to a clear strength layer to provide a structure that is a total of 8.5 mils thick. This structure is optimal for applications where long term preservation is required.
  • BluGuard-VCI-R: manufactured with a foil barrier layer, a clear strength layer and also a reinforcing scrim between the layers to provide a structure that is a total of 14 mils thick. This structure is optimal for applications where long term preservation and enhanced tear and puncture resistance are required.

The BluGuard-VCI Family of products are readily converted into the following products:

  • Pouches (three side seal, shaped, gusseted, zippered, etc.)
  • Tubing (rewound on rolls, flat, or gusseted)
  • Crate / Carton / Box Liners
  • Machine Shrouds & Covers
  • Factory Seemed Blankets & Tarps
  • Sheets Cut to Length
  • Rewound Wide Width Roll Stock

How the BluGuard-VCI Family of Products Work
VpCI stands for vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor, and is a type of volatile corrosion inhibitor whose molecules migrate out of a source material and vaporize into the surrounding environment. When this vaporization occurs inside a sealed BluGuard-VCI package, it creates a highly concentrated atmosphere of VpCI molecules. These molecules are highly attracted to metal surfaces, and navigate around larger molecules of corrosive elements, such as salts, oxygen, and water, to settle on them. A chemical reaction occurs between the molecules and the metal, leaving the metal coated with a one molecule thick protective barrier that prevents corrosive elements from contacting the metal surface, thus preventing corrosion.

When an item is then removed from a BluGuard-VCI package, the surface coating harmlessly dissipates into the ambient atmosphere, with no cleaning or reconditioning necessary.

All BluGuard-VCI packages employ a barrier layer to ensure that the protective VpCI molecules in the sealant layer migrate in one direction: into the package. Additionally, it blocks other corrosion causing elements, such as moisture, oxygen, and sulfur dioxide, from passing through the material and into the package itself. This dual protection process creates a long-term product preservation system without the hassles associated with more traditional barrier packaging, such as nitrogen purging, gas flushing, greasing, or other complicated chemical application and cleaning procedures.

A helpful analogy to consider would be: Upon entering a kitchen, you notice the smell of a baking cake. By keeping the doors and windows shut, the smell will remain in the kitchen for an extended period of time, while keeping the outside air out. BluGuard-VCI products are like a tightly sealed kitchen, keeping the protective VpCI molecules inside the package, and any unwanted, outside elements out.